zondag 6 april 2014

Coffee + wifi in Montevideo

For once in English, because I hope this will be usefull for other foreigners in this city!

We're living now for 5 months in Montevideo. I really love the combination 'coffee+wifi', but it's not so easy in this city. I go to this cafés in the afternoon, when my daughter is in the Jardín. The perfect time for me to drink a coffee is for the Uruguayos just lunchtime. But ok, here we go!


My favourite! This is a real coffeebar, hmm, right in the middle of the Ciudad Vieja! The desserts are all too sweet and/or covered with dulce de leche, which I don't like. But if you order a salad here, you get some herbsand seeds that you can ad. Herbs! In Uruguay! Wifi sometimes gets slow when a bunch of german tourists lands here from a cruise ship. Don't forget to visit the beautiful shop!
Sinestesia on Facebook

Coffee Shop
Cool atmosphere. Love the latte frio and lemonade. And it's so good to hear The National or Nick Cave. It's sooo good!!
Coffee Shop on Tripadvisor (no better link found)

Beautiful place, feels really european. After lunchtime, really quiet, nice music and sometimes you get a delicious cookie with your capuccino. The staff is really friendly. If you're lucky, they serve a wonderful moelleux de chocolate, without dulce de leche!
Website La Pasionaria

Hoy te quiero
Ok, they might look a bit suprised that you only order a coffee and ask for the wifi-password. But it's ok, you will get a smile too. Music is horrible but wifi is generally pretty good.
Hoy te quiero on Facebook

Adolfo Café
The best capuccino I had in Montevideo. And the best frapuccino. And fast wifi. But something's missing in this cosy café.
Adolfo Café on Facebook

The coffee is ok, the music is horrible (panflute versions of tophits...). But a place where you can sit and work and just drink a coffee without feeling guilty you don't order anything to eat. For wifi-access you have to register, but it's works as it should.
Q'Café on Facebook

Café Brasilero
Classic. And wifi is pretty good.
Website Café Brasilero

Philomène café
Cosy place where I order tea, not coffee. No teabags, but real tea-leeves. My favourite is called 'Geisha'. If wifi is slow or acces denied, just ask to restart the router, it helps.
Website Philomène café

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